Skin Icing
Skin Icing

Have you ever heard about skin icing? Are you prepared more about this procedure? Do you know how useful this natural procedure can be?

Keep reading this article because we are about to present the most useful benefits of skin icing.

1. Radiant skin

Ice cubes used directly on the skin can stimulate blood circulation which ultimately makes the skin more radiant. In addition, you can enhance the effects by using ice fruit cubes to the skin. Your face will look better than ever.

2. Eases blemishes

People can use ice cubes to lower the redness and inflammation of blemishes and pimples. Feel free to use ice cubes directly on the acne for a few seconds. The main objective is to make the area numb. You can conduct this procedure every second day before bedtime.

3. Natural dark circle treatment

It turns out that a mix of rose water and cucumber juice, stored in a fridge and frozen can provide amazing effects when used under eye circles. In this way, you can lower the puffiness caused by staying up all night.

4. An efficient skin toner

If you are looking for a cheap skin toner or smoother then you can’t go wrong with ice cubes. In order to experience the best effects, use ice cubes before using makeup because the pores under the coat of makeup will be tightened and the makeup foundation will be quite smooth.

5. Makeup replacement

Do you lack time to use makeup? Well, using ice cubes wrapped in a cloth can help you achieve similar effects. Namely, this technique will make your skin vibrant, smooth and fresh. An attractive natural look is what people appreciate these days.

6. Stay safe from wrinkles

Skin icing prevents premature appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and minimizes the signs of aging.

Things to keep in mind about skin icing:

1. Skin icing is performed without the help of cloth wrap, but keep in mind that using gloves is a must because in this way to can rest assured that you are holding the cubes in a proper way.

2. Relying on cloth wrap or wash cloth to perform skin icing will have more or less the same effects as using ice directly on the skin.

3. When the skin is exposed to extreme cold, the capillaries found underneath it can get broken. That’s why you should not use ice taken directly from the freezer in case you are not using cloth wrap.

4. In addition, you should not use bare ice cubes directly on the skin that has broken and damaged capillaries. Also, don’t use ice on the damaged skin for a long time.

5. In case the cold makes you feel uncomfortable, terminate the procedure. In any case, don’t ice the same area for over 15 minutes.

6. Finally, don’t forget that you can fill the water used for ice cubes with lemon, rosewater, chamomile tea, green tea, cucumber and other ingredients that are good for the skin.