coconut oil
coconut oil

Whenever someone hears the word dementia, they usually think about memory loss.

Obviously, losing memory is one of the most recognizable symptoms of dementia of any kind, but individuals dealing with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease are also experiencing many other cognitive problems which make things like problem-solving, conversation and daily errands difficult for both themselves and their family.
Sadly, the truth is that the majority of dementia forms cannot be cured, so protecting ourselves and loved ones from this disease is very important. This is especially true when there is a family history of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease sufferers.

The good news is that scientists have revealed the surprisingly positive effects of one natural ingredient, suggesting that people can improve dementia prevention and enhance cognitive capabilities even after the occurrence of this vicious disease.

Scientific Study: Alzheimer’s Disease and Medium-Chain Triglycerides

A scientific research study conducted in 2004 included 15 patients suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and five individuals dealing with amnestic cognitive impairment. Scientists were focused on checking the effects of 40 ml of MCTs (medium-chain triglycerides) after a fasting that lasted from around 8 pm. They have analyzed the effects of MCT and the effects of placebo.

The final results have confirmed that taking MCT has enhanced cognitive function just 90 minutes after consumption. The patients that have taken MCTs have also achieved better scored in different recall and memory tests.

A detailed blood test has confirmed that the levels of beta-hydroxybutyrate increased for about 770%. In case you didn’t know, beta-hydroxybutyrate is protecting the brain from different toxins and protects the neurons too.

So, MCT provided quick results and enhanced cognitive function in individuals dealing with different types of dementia, but it has also helped the brain fight toxins. If you want to enjoy these positive effects of MCTs you can use one natural ingredient.

Is Coconut Oil Efficient Against Dementia?

People who are worried about taking oils regularly must be aware the medium-chain triglycerides, like the ones in coconut oil, have a positive effect on weight loss which is something that you cannot expect from other kinds of oil.

Namely, coconut oil’s structure is made of medium-chain triglycerides (about 62% of it) and is an excellent source of medium-chain triglycerides. A huge number of people also buy pure MCT oil which can be found in health stores.

If a dementia sufferer wants to witness the same results as the ones presented in the study, then they will have to take about four tablespoons of coconut oil per day.

Many people might think that this is impossible, but the fact is that by replacing vegetable oils with coconut oil when you are cooking, using some of it in smoothies and pouring some coconut oil to your coffee, you will be to consume this amount.

In addition, even if you eat less, as a healthy adult individual you will probably improve your cognitive function and keep yourself safe from dementia.

In case you suspect that you or some family member is showing the first signs of dementia, talk to your doctor immediately!

There is more than one cause of memory loss that can be reversed like thyroid issues, sleep disorders, or lack of certain vitamins. Consult your doctor right away.