Be aware! ​Prescription Painkiller Tramadol Claiming More Lives Than Any Other Drug


A top pathologist that comes from Northern Ireland claims that tramadol, a popular prescription painkiller, is actually contributing to the death of many people. As a matter of fact, more people are dying from tramadol compared to cocaine and heroin.

It’s worth mentioning that side effects of tramadol usually don’t occur when this medicine is taken properly. However, the risk is increasing when people take it with alcohol or other drugs.

In 2016, there were 33 deaths in Northern Ireland caused by tramadol. People of all ages, including a 70-year-old pensioner and a 16-year-old teenager, have lost their lives due to improper use of tramadol.

I don’t think that people realize how potentially risky taking tramadol is.

Proffer Jack Crane, a state pathologist in Northern Ireland, is convinced that people are treating tramadol as a completely safe drug that they can use in any way they want. Just because some drug is prescribed, this doesn’t mean that it’s completely safe.

This drug which is based on opiates and focused on severe and moderate pain must be bought with a prescription. In Northern Ireland, tramadol was reclassified three years ago. This made this drug an illegal Class C drug if taken without a prescription.

However, anti-drug advocates point out that an increased number of individuals are using the black market.

According to professor Jack Crane, it is very likely that tramadol will cause even more fatalities unless authorities do something about this. Namely, they have to fight the black market and prevent problems.

He strongly believes that this drug must be reclassified one more time to Class A drug.

In order to achieve this goal professor, Crane will talk to the Chief Medical Officer of Northern Ireland by the end of April.

He will also highlight the side effects of tramadol and warn the public about the possible dangers and risks that this painkiller brings.

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