Bleached and Chemical Laden Garlic
Bleached and Chemical Laden Garlic

Are you aware of the fact that about 80% of the garlic found on the global market originates from one country – China? As a matter of fact, a huge portion of garlic we eat in the United States comes from China.

According to the latest statistics, US companies have imported almost 140 pounds of garlic from China in 2016. The majority of people believe that the garlic they buy comes from California dubbed the Garlic Capital of the World.

However, they are wrong. What’s more interesting is that very often, organic garlic comes from China too and we all know that their organic certificates are not very relevant.

Bleached and Chemical Laden Garlic
Bleached and Chemical Laden Garlic

Henry Bell, a representative of the Australian Garlic Industry association, claims that garlic from China is actually bleached. The manufacturers in China use sprays filled with different chemicals to prevent sprouting, make garlic whiter and to eliminate plant matter and bugs.

In addition, Bell says that in many cases this garlic is growing in untreated sewage. According to Bell, many garlic growers in China use untreated human sewage as fertilizers. Unfortunately, the authorities in the western countries are not doing their best to investigate these problems.

It’s also worth mentioning that garlic that comes from China is fumigated with dangerous methyl bromide in order to kill insects. It’s a well-known fact that exposure to high levels of methyl bromide can lead to serious damages to the central nervous system and the respiratory system.

In some cases, such exposure can result in death. The UN has recently revealed that methyl bromide is 60 times more damaging compared to chlorine.

Garlic that comes from China contains sulfites, lead, and other potentially dangerous compounds too. This garlic may also be treated and grown with special growth inhibitors and exposed to cold temperatures.

Over-storage is another common issue in this process. This practice is not good because of the fact that allicin levels, the most important ingredient found in garlic at least when it comes to health benefits, start to go down after a while.

The good news is that people can easily notice the different between imported garlic from China and organic garlic is grown in California.

This is how you can tell that a garlic bulb is grown in California:

– Garlic grown in the United States has part of the roots left right on the bottom of the bulb.

– This garlic is usually heavier and larger compared to Chinese garlic

– Garlic grown in the US is more flavorful.