Cannabis Treatments

The internet is full of amazing stories. For instance, not while ago a teen who was rescued out of a lake while he was drowning was infected with bacteria that probably supported the emergence of his Crohn’s disease.

This is a disease that triggers extreme inflammation of the intestines and bowels and often leads to death.

Crohn’s disease as an adverse effect of ordinary antibiotic treatment

When Coltyn Turner witnessed the sudden deterioration of this health after his lake accident and started looking for answers, the doctors said that he has a bacterial infection. In the beginning, they have used antibiotics to combat the disease, but after a while, they have started using drugs with strong adverse effects to eliminate this unexpected outbreak of Crohn’s disease.

Many people have commented this story on social media. Some of them were saying that the bacterial infection didn’t cause Crohn’s disease – the pharmaceutical drugs did this.

In any case, Coltyn was probably infected with the notorious Giardia, a parasite that cannot be eliminated with mild antibiotics. Doctors usually recommend the most powerful antibiotics in cases like this. The vast majority of dangerous parasites found in water can be removed with one or two cleansing treatments designed for parasite removal that can be found in pharmacies and even on the Internet.

Cannabis oil to fight Crohn’s Disease

It didn’t take much time before Coltyn started feeling strong pain and ended in a wheelchair. This difficult situation was reversed when his family decided to take a trip to Colorado where they wanted to try cannabis oil to help their son.

This was a strong message for the medical marijuana supporters. Coltyn and his family strongly believed that marijuana can help and they shared their thoughts on social media.

Coltyn’s story is just one of the many successful stories

There are many other Crohn’s disease cases that were treated with cannabis. Studies have shown that marijuana can provide relief and even reduction of Crohn’s disease symptoms without any dangerous side effects.

There are many Crohn’s disease sufferers that have confirmed the positive effects even when they were just smoking marijuana at least when it comes to symptoms relief.

We should also mention Shona Banda’s story. She was a Crohn’s disease sufferer who experienced many difficulties with this disease. Namely, she even had to opt for surgical removal of a few parts of her gastrointestinal tract to save her life and she was still in danger. Once she saw the Run from the Cure video by Rick Simpson focused on marijuana for curing cancer, Shona wanted to prepare an oil like this on her own.

However, she was a resident of Kansas, and as we all know cannabis oil use in Kansas is illegal.

So, Shona moved to Colorado where she lived and worked in a medical marijuana dispensary. After that, she moved back to her hometown. She probably wanted to reunite with her husband and find a better job. But, this was a wrong move.

Once she finished her first book called Live Free or Die, she continued her work as cannabis advocate in Kansas even though people there were mostly skeptical about her mission.

After a while, a drug enforcement officer from her area came to the school where her son was going in order to talk about the bad sides of marijuana with children. Her son has opposed the officer’s stance on marijuana and he even pointed out that marijuana saved his mother’s life.

In the end, he also said that Shona is using marijuana on a daily basis. What he did was very wrong!

A few days after that, the authorities have charged Shona with possession of marijuana with the intent to distribute as well as for producing tetrahydrocannabinol (marijuana oil) and for possession of drug paraphernalia. They have even accused her of exposing her child to danger.

Sadly, this is what people can expect when they are trying to protect their health and to heal without asking the Big Pharma for an opinion. In addition, one of the main concerns of Shona, while she was sick from Crohn’s disease, was whether she would be able to raise her son in a proper way.