7 Lip-Smacking Food Trends For 2023
7 Lip-Smacking Food Trends For 2023
Do you remember the food trends of years gone by? Mushroom coffee, camel milk, charcoal, ghee, keto diet, to name but a few of… Read More

Do you remember the food trends of the past? Mushroom coffee, camel milk, charcoal, ghee, and a few other strange things have been foisting on us. What is next? We put together our predictions for the lip-smacking food trends for 2023 to keep our fingers on the pulse.

1. Butter Boards.

Last year was the year we went absolutely nuts for charcuterie boards. There wasn’t much to dislike about wooden boards being topped up with big chunks of cheese, slices of meat, fruits, vegetable, pickles, savoury biscuits and generous dollops of chutneys and pickles. It was a proper hearty smorgasbord of a Ploughman’s. We loved it because it was so damn tasty, and pubs and restaurants loved it because they were super easy to make, required zero cooking, and hardly any washing up.

Board foods, as we like to call them, have moved to the next level since last year.

2. Seaganism is a belief.

Seaganism is one of the next big food trends for the year 2023, because it is based on the idea that you can eat anything you want if you have certain morals.

Seaganism is the sea version of vegan, where you don't eat seafood or fish and instead eat sea plants. Sea plants, sea weeds, and grains are packed with healthy vitamins and minerals and can be found in plant-based sea products.

Seaganism will become much more mainstream in the year 2023. Sea plants can be added to the menu in top restaurants as an accompaniment and as the main star of the meal. Sea plant-based products should also be on supermarket shelves.

3. Sensory foods.

The idea of sensory foods is one of the food trends that came out as a direct response to the Pandemic. It makes perfect sense that covid made us lose our sense of taste and smell for a while. We want our senses to be firing on all cylinders now that we are back to normal.

We’re talking dishes that set our taste buds alight, with strong, bold flavours literally smacking us around the chops and screaming at us, “have a taste of that!”. Humans have between 2000 and 4000 taste buds, most of which are found on the tongue, and the sensory cells in those taste buds are renewed every week. So, whether it’s sweet, salty, spicy, sour, umami, those taste buds want to taste everything and thankfully 2023 is looking like that’s set to happen.

As well as taste, let’s not forget our other important senses; smell, sound, sight, and touch. Prepare to be wowed in 2023 with foods that are quite frankly theatrical showstoppers. Who’s ready?

4. Nostalgicibbles.

Food has always been connected to our emotions and we eat when we are happy, tired, or bored.

The nostalgia we have for days of old is one of the emerging food trends.

5. Clean label.

The number of people who are converting to a vegan lifestyle is on the rise.

One of the food trends for 2023 is looking to address this problem. Clean labeling is all about encouraging people to eat clean by making sure that plant-based food labels are just as information packed as the meat products they are for the most part trying to mimic. This is food education, with an emphasis on healthy, sustainable products that are free of the artificial ingredients so often found in vegan convenience foods.

We want minimally processed food and ingredients we recognise. Clean labeling will help clarify our concerns, but will also drive forward the need for companies to produce foods that are tasty, look good, and have a desirable texture all while keeping things as healthy and natural as possible.

6. Mood foods.

You’d have to have been hiding under a rock not to have noticed how popular CBD has become, especially with millennials, who are the first generation to place equal importance on their mental health as they do their physical. CBD burst its way into the market initially in the form of CBD oil, but now you can pretty much get it in any product you desire. And CBD edibles in particular, are making big news. CBD coffee, CBD gummies, CBD tea, CBD chocolate, CBD honey… the list goes on.

Mood foods, like CBD edibles, are set to become even more popular in 2023, as people become further educated on the all round health benefits of incorporating this legal compound into our lifestyles. If you struggle with poor sleep, stress, anxiety etc., mood foods offer a means to cope with these issues.

We are more open to trying alternatives, and perhaps again in response to or changing mindset since the pandemic, we are actively seeking out wellness products to assist with our emotional needs. Mood foods offer an easy and convenient solution to this problem, so watch out for more of these coming onto the market in the year ahead.

7. Potato Milk

We know before you say anything. Potato milk. Milk from a potato. How is that a thing? It is set to be one of the more popular food trends in the next few years.

You can't'milk' a potato, it does not have nipples. How do we get milk out of this vegetable?

You have two choices. You can either buy a carton of pre-made potato milk in a supermarket or health food shop. You can make it yourself by peeling and boiling a standard white potato until soft, then mixing it with water, and a small amount of salt and sweetener to taste.

We haven’t actually tried it ourselves, but rumour has it that despite sounding as if it would be like drinking a mashed potato smoothie, potato milk doesn’t taste like potato in the slightest. But I think for now we’ll be sticking to almond and oat milk whenever we fancy going for the plant-based option.

Final word

We can make educated predictions if we look at cultural shifts and past trends, such as the ones we made today, to forecast the way we think the food trends for 2023 are headed. Let us know what you think will be popular next year by leaving a comment below.


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