9 Top Foods to Boost your Mood!
9 Top Foods to Boost your Mood!
Food has a profound influence on how we feel. On both an emotional level and a physiological one it affects our mood and temperament…. Read More

Food has an effect on how we feel. It affects our mood and temperament on both a physical and emotional level. It creates a positive spiral when we are happy.

I enjoy working with clients to improve their health by taking aholistic approach, which includes nutrition and hydration.

If you ever feel low, here are my recommendations for the most important foods to eat.





There are bananas.



Brazil has nuts.


There are fruit and vegetables.


Dark chocolate.


The greens are leafy.

Some greens, such as silverbeet and broccoli, are great sources of vitamins B and C. You can add more leafy greens to your diet.

    Disguising them in your family favorites.

    A green smoothie is a snack.

    Start your meals with a salad.


    There is water.

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