Healthy Food Tips For Fussy Eaters
Healthy Food Tips For Fussy Eaters
Is there one particular food that you just can’t stand the taste of? Something that makes you gag at the mere mention or one… Read More

Is there a food that you can't stand? Something that makes you gag at the mention of something that you have a deep dislike for?

I think that food is Weetabix. The texture, look, and taste of baby food are just about the beigest, most boring looking food known to mankind. Not liking Weetabix is not the end of the world when it is the only thing I won't eat.

If there are more than one food you don't like, what if you only like one? Are the foods that you don't like the ones that are the best for you?

I am talking fruit and vegetables.

If you are one of those people who won't eat green vegetables or fruits, then you're missing out on some essential vitamins and minerals.

Kids are the biggest culprits when it comes to turning their noses up at food, right?

Children need to be exposed to as many different foods as possible, in order for their taste buds to get used to a whole variety of tastes and textures, and in an ideal world we shouldn't have to sneak the healthy stuff into their meals.

There are Smoothies and Juices.

This is a controversial one, as lots of nutritionists have different opinions on this. I covered some of the key points in my article. The question is: Fact or Fad? If someone is not eating enough whole fruits and vegetables on a daily basis, then it is better to be consuming them in liquid form, either as a juice or as part of a smoothie, rather than taking a lot of different vitamins.

homemade juice is better for you than any shop bought juice.

If you don't want any more kitchen gadgetscluttering up your worktop, a stick blender is a decent enough appliance to use.

Muuuuum! What is that green stuff floating in it?


Muuuuuum! What are those bits?

I have learned from experience that a small amount of cacao power, a squirt of honey and calling it a'milkshake' works.

It should be sweet.

I thought this was an article about healthy food tips for picky eaters, and she was telling us to give them sweet stuff. Vegetables and fruits have a naturally sweet taste that you can use to your advantage if you cook them with a load of sugar.

Get aggressive.

The principle of blend, blend and blend is the same as a smoothie and you can use it to make pasta, pizza or even soup.

Take a spiral.

Spiralized food has become the trendy way to eat vegetables and it’s great, because it opens up a whole heap of different options to add a twist to most of those family favourite dinners

The best thing about spiralized veg is that it looks exactly like a nest, or curly hair, so here’s where you can start having fun with your food, and the kids will LOVE it!

Try these ideas:

    Courgetti nest with meatballs as pretend birds eggs.

    Spiralized butternut squash (‘Butsquotti’?!?) as the hair on a homemade ‘face’ pizza – black olives for eyes, red pepper for lips etc.

    Carrotti is the mane of a lion or a risotto sunshine.

    One of the top healthy eating tips for picky eaters is to keep it raw, as it cooks incredibly quickly and can become sloppy, particularly courgette, and kids hate sloppy food.

    Dinners can be done by yourself.

    The best way to get kids to eat healthy and try new foods is to include them in the preparation and making of meals.

    I hope you found this post useful, or that it gave you some ideas to try with your own picky eaters. It's presuming your eaters are small. If an adult won't eat their greens, they need to stop acting like a toddler and just eat the food.

    You can not have a sticker.

    We would love to hear about your experiences with picky eaters.

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