Healthy Food Trends 2018
Healthy Food Trends 2018
We’ve dug our crystal ball out again and having already given you our predictions for the fitness trends of 2018, we’ve now put together… Read More

Having already given you our predictions for the fitness trends of this year, we have now put together our healthy food trends for next year.

What delicacies can we expect to find in 2018?

Back to black.

Our food and drinks were all about the bright colors of the rainbow in 2017! That isn't going away any time soon. It is too lovely and the year is set to take on a darker look.

The black food trend has already started to make an appearance, you only have to look on social media to see pictures of black ice cream, black lattes and black bread.

What is the special ingredient in this black food?

That is charcoal.

I am not telling you to leave the bread in the oven for 5 minutes longer than you normally would, or that you should bung on the BBQ. The charcoal used to dye our food was created by exposing coconut shells to high temperatures until they become carbonized. The ash is activated with hot air in order to create a microporous surface.

Activated charcoal has been used as a means of treating patients who have been poisoned, as it has incredible absorption properties which allows it to draw out the poison before it's absorbed by the stomach. This absorption factor is what it is. Some food scientists are concerned about whether this latest food trend is something we should avoid.

It can help remove toxins from the body if we incorporate activated charcoal into our diet.

In terms of taste, activated charcoal is not going to impress you. It has a smoky taste, but when mixed with other foods it is pretty much tasteless, which is one of the reasons for its appeal among foodies.

Our opinion? We think this trend will burn out by the end of the year.

Unhealthy vegan.

The number of people who are vegan in the UK has risen by 350% over the past decade. Half of all vegan people are between the ages of 15 to 34.

We are not going to tell you that vegan will be a trend for the year, but it is already up there in the food world. We can tell you that vegan fast food is going to get big. It is about time, because just because you do not want to eat animal products doesn't mean that you will not eat lettuce and mung beans.

The market for vegan junk food has gone crazy, with such offerings as burgers, pizzas, 'chicken-less' fried chicken to name a few. It is not healthy, but it is healthier than the meat equivalent. It is. It has found a place in the teenage and young adult market.

The US is the home of oversized junk food and we think there will be even bigger things to come from the vegan fast food trend.

Please give me a small animal.

The green pea is very little. Peas are set to make a huge comeback for healthy food trends in 2018, but perhaps not as we have previously known them.

Pea balls are a great source of nutrition, they are packed with minerals, vitamins, and anti-inflammatories, as well as being incredibly versatile.

The rise in plant based diet has seen demand for plant powder, absolutely rocket, and this has led to all manner of plant powders becoming available. Pea protein has a neutral flavour which makes it the perfect addition to soups, stew, bakes and shakes.

Eating meat products or rice products can help you gain the remaining elusive amino acid that our bodies can't produce. Pea protein is incredibly filling so you don't need to use a lot to have your appetite satisfied.

The diet is low in fat.

The Keto diet has been on our radar for a while, but it is now hitting the mainstream. More and more people are starting to look at the Keto diet as one of the most searched for food and diet trends.

What is it?

The main goal of the diet is to train the body to use fat for fuel instead ofCarbohydrates.

If you're looking to lose weight and reduce your body fat ratio, there are a lot of resources out there for you to find. You should always speak to your doctor before starting a new diet. It is not the right thing for you if it worked for KimKardashian.

Make room for mushrooms.

You either like mushrooms or you don't, and this mushroom is going to rock our healthy food trends in the new year.

Mushroom's ability to balance blood sugar levels and help with inflammation are well known, but new research shows that mushrooms are also great at helping to remove toxins from the body, something which is relevant in our modern toxic heavy environment.

New processes have been developed that make it easier to extract the good parts of the mushroom and turn them into powder so that it can be easily consumed in a variety of ways. You can expect to see chaga mushroom latte and mushroom hot chocolate on health cafe menus.

Futuristic food.

You can eat in the dark, but it's not the same as multisensory dining. We can see how sensory deprivation in the form of a silent dark room like that of Dans Le Noir in London would encourage this, but how does it work if your senses are hit from all angles?

How we feel and how our senses are stimulated can affect the flavour of our food. Our meals take on a performance in their own right and offer the diner the ultimate taste sensation through the use of lights, sounds and scents. It is thought that we are not too far away from virtual taste, where the taste with no calories is stimulated by lights.

The repast was recycled.

13 billion pounds of food is thrown away in the UK every year.

There are top tips for reducing food waste.

    When you need to pop slices of bread from the freezer, they can be popped into the toaster.

    Use leftover vegetable peelings or meat scraps to make stock, as this can be frozen in portions, ready to be used when you need it.

    Know. We all fall for a BOGOFF offer, but that means our cupboards can get a bit heavy.


    Nootropics are substances that improve memory and cognitive function.

    The concept of making it smarter and focusing on brain health without being detrimental to the rest of our health and wellbeing will be the focus of the year.

    The oil is made from a vegetable.

    Ah the fruit. Your star status has gone up over the last few years. So much so that you now have your own slogans, jokes, and emoji and you are the essence of our life. What now? What can you do to wow us now that food can't stay top of its game forever? Oh avocadao?

    That is a type of oil. What? Take that coconut oil!

    It is heat stable and has a mild flavour making it perfect for cooking.

    With the popularity of the paleo, plant based diet comes related products such as avocado oil mayonnaise, which lend itself to that diet.

    Our predictions for the up and coming food trends we expect to see bursting their way into our meals, menus and midriffs during the year.

    How do the health and diet trends compare to the predicted healthy food trends?

    We want to hear what you think will be big this year.

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