How to Instantly Boost your Real Food
How to Instantly Boost your Real Food
Many of us, if asked, would like to eat more healthy, but all too often factors such as lack of time, lack of culinary… Read More

Many of us, if asked, would like to eat more healthy, but all too often factors such as lack of time, don't know how to cook, a tight budget, and tiredness after a long day can blow apart even the best of intentions.

Lauren Parsons, an award winning wellbeing specialist with 16 years’ experience, knows all too well how these hurdles make sticking to a healthy diet so tricky. In her new book, ‘Real Food Less Fuss – The ultimate time-saving guide to simplify your life and feel amazing every day‘, Lauren explores mindful eating, overcoming cravings and gives practical advice on planning, cooking and eating well for life.

Lauren has kindly allowed us to share a sneak preview of her book, so let me hand you over to Lauren as she takes us through some fantastic tips to help get you started:

Much of what has been discussed in the book is tied together by this synopsis. It provides a lot of tricks that will increase your food intake. Pick and choose from the strategies and substitutions.

You should boost your vegetables.

    You can serve vegetables alongside or as part of your main course if you have a salad entree.

    It is possible to smuggle vegetables into meals. Thinly slice, layer. This is a great way to get more vegetables into the family diet and expose your taste buds to more delicious food.

    Aim for two different coloured vegetables at lunch and three different coloured vegetables at dinner time. This is a simple visual reminder to help you get at least five servings in each day.

    You can snack on vegetable sticks. Along with the delicious condiments such as hummus, pesto, Greek yogurt and labneh, small broccoli and cauliflower florets are also delicious.

    There are snacks and sweets.

    A mixture of 3-4 different types of home baking should always be kept in the freezer for lunch boxes, snacks, unexpected guests or to take to a social occasion.

    Unbelievably Good Ice Cream is made from bananas and has dark chocolate on top or homemade Labneh with cinnamon, fruit and almonds.

    You can snack on whole fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds instead of buying biscuits, cakes and slices.

    Better breakfasts.

      For a week or two, mix up homemade natural, toast and Bircher muesli in bulk. Store it in a half cup measure.

      Natural Greek yogurt is better than the flavoured, sugar laden varieties.

      You can learn how to cook eggs. They are a great complete meal. Once you know the secret to keeping them together, poaching eggs is an easy way to enjoy them. There are two recipes for Perfect Poached Eggs.

      Store your homemade bread in the freezer.

      If you want to eat anything at any time of the day, you can break away from the traditional view of breakfast. Greens and vegetables can be enjoyed in a green smoothie, roasted vegetables, fried halved tomatoes, or fresh avocados.

      Prepare for success.

        Use a variety of different ways to cut, slice, dice, and peel vegetables to add interest to your meals and salads.

        You can triple or quadruple cook every meal that you can and label and freeze them so you don't have to order food.

        Make up meal components such as pasta sauces and freeze them for later use.

        Make sure your pantry, fridge and freezer are stocked with delicious whole foods so they are on hand for use, and clear out any processed foods you don't need.

        It is necessary to improve the flavour.

          Reducing sauces down to enrich their flavour is one way to use cooking methods that concentrate rather than dissipate flavours.

          There are easy flavour enhancers on hand. For example:

          Store raw nuts and seeds in an airtight container for a week to add to salads.

          You can keep ginger and lemon in the freezer.

          Fresh herbs can be used at every meal.

          You can add a little something to your dinner by keeping a few condiments and a block of cheese in the fridge.

          Good quality salt and fresh pepper are always on hand.

          There is a secret chocolate dessert.

          If it lasts for a long time, you can keep this in your fridge for up to a week. It is great for entertaining as you can make it in advance and impress your guests with tall glasses.

          10 minutes prep time.

          F, G, V.

          It is very simple.

          There are 3 large ripe avocados.

          1/3 cup of honey.

          1/3 cup of chocolate or cocoa powder.


          1. Remove the stones from the avocados. The flesh should be put in a food processor.

          Add the other ingredients and blend. Just to be sure, check that there aren't any lumpes, scraper down the sides and re-blend. Add more honey, cacao or cocoa to your taste buds.

          3. You can serve it in tall glasses with labneh or natural yoghurt and fruit.

          This recipe is wonderful for a chocolate ganache for cakes, as a dipping sauce or anywhere else you love chocolate.

          The book is available in both print and digital formats. If you like the sound of the recipe above, or if you want a bit of fuss free, healthy real food, then go check it out!


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