National Detox Month
National Detox Month
After all the excess in December, January is the perfect time for National Detox Month and a great start for your New Year resolutions…. Read More

January is a great time to start your New Year's resolutions because of National Detox Month.

Julia Willmott is a local fitness and health expert.

Julia says something.

It is a chance to let your hair down and spend time with family and friends during the party season.

Eating rich foods and drinking more alcohol than you are used to can take its toll on your energy levels.

I go on a hormone reset diet in January. I eliminate one thing at a time, for example, sugar, coffee, and dairy. I make sure I have lots of colorful veg, delicious seafood, nuts and seeds, so I don't feel like I'm denying myself anything. For me, cutting out sugar greatly improves my sleep patterns, my skin, mood, energy levels and weight management.

Julia suggests the Top 5 Foods and Drinks that we should add to our diet.

Water should be at the top of the list.

Some of the Omega 3 foods are avocados and olive oil.

Green Tea increases the amount of bile in your body.

Adding lemon to a glass of water will get you started.

The beet root is full of vitamins.

Julia has one final piece of advice, so you don't forget about your work after February.

Use this time to increase your water intake and replenish your body. It takes 30 days to form a new habit and this is a great one to add to your arsenal.

    She will be at Langrish House Hotel on March 19th for her next retreat.

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