The Best Pocket Sized Snacks for Post Workout Recovery
The Best Pocket Sized Snacks for Post Workout Recovery
We’re all familiar with the phrase “you are what you eat” and it’s fairly obvious that if you eat too much fat, too much… Read More

We are all familiar with the phrase. If you eat too much fat, sugar, and anything else, your body will show you the tell-tale signs of your eating habits. A balanced diet of all the right food groups will result in a healthier looking body and one that functions better. A body that functions better is one that will train harder and last longer.

It's difficult to plan what to eat around your fitness regime; what is the best food to consume before a workout? How long should I leave it after eating? What are the best foods for recovery? Which foods will help weightloss/build muscle/rehydrate, are questions that we hear on a daily basis from people all seeking to do the best they can for the health of their body.

The time immediately after a workout is when the body is most vulnerable. To aid full recovery after training, you need to replenish your body with the correct vitamins and minerals, as well as having enough energy to get you through the rest of the day.

What should we eat after a workout?

Adding sugars and salts to your post workout snacks is important, as you lose a lot of these when you sweat.

If you factor in showering, getting home, being distracted by the mountain of things still left on your to do list, this isn't always so easy.

10 post workout snack ideas.

Energy balls.

Energy balls are a big business and these days you can find them on the shelves of any store, but they are really easy to make at home.

There is a trail mix.

Adding nuts to your post workout snack is a great way to get the benefits of nuts. Pick your favourite nuts and mix them with other healthy bits and bobs to create a delicious trail mix.

There are ideas.


    The Cacao Nibs are made from Cacao.

    There are Granola Bites.

    There are goji berries.

    There is dried coconut.

    If you fill your bag with 1 or 2 handfuls, you can mix and match, but be careful not to fill it with too much.

    There are ants on a Raft.

    This snack is not something created by Bear Grylls. Don't get us wrong, insects are packed to the brim with food. We will not cause that on you just yet. The only way those raisins ants are going to get to your belly is if you cover it with a rice cake and nut butter of your choice.

    Popcorn is a good source of calories.

    Popcorn needn’t just be saved for the cinema, in fact in the past couple of years so-called gourmet popcorn has taken the snack world by storm

    Eggs are Surprise Eggs.

    We are not going to tell you that a toy filled chocolate egg is a great post workout snack. That doesn't mean your eggs can not surprise you. Hard boil some eggs and leave to cool down before removing the shells. Remove the yolk from the eggs. You can choose to have the filling of your choice filled in.

      There is a homemade hummus.

      Almond is our favorite nut butter.

      Yolk yogurt (crush the yolk with natural yogurt and stir in some smoked paprika).

      Cottage cheese is made from cottage cheese.

      Both salmon and chives.

      If you eat the yolk as well as the hard boiled eggs, you will be getting essential muscle repairing Amino acids in the mix.

      The potato is sweet.

      You can only see the current snack trend on social media, but it is not practical to carry in your gym bag. A medium sweet potato has about 100 calories and is an excellent source of energy. How can we make a snack out of sweet potato? There are a few things you can do.

        The sweet potato fritters have an egg and some chicken in them. Fry in coconut oil.

        The sweet potato waffles are made from waffle mixture.

        There are energy balls.

        The sweet potato gazpacho shot is similar to a smoothie shot.

        Did you know that sweet potato is jam packed with vitamins A and K and is great for cell renewal and a healthy immune system?


        We love flapjacks.

        We have a great recipe for Coconut, Goji and Date Flapjacks. You will have to have total will to stop eating the lot.

        There is nut butter.

        Nut butter is a fitness fanatics best friend and if you aren’t eating it, then what on earth are you playing at?! It’s a protein powerhouse and best of all it’s so versatile

        There is a bit of everything balls.

        Yep, we’re talking balls again! If we’re doing sports we might as well eat something that’s running with a sporty theme, right? And what perfect pocket sized snack can there be than a handy power ball

        Smoothie Shots

        You have no excuse for eating after your workout. Feed your body the food it needs when it wants it and in return you can expect to be stronger, healthier and full of bounteous energy.


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