Exercise In The Morning

We all know how important physical activity is not only for our health, but also for maintaining the shape of the body, but what you may not know is that the best time to exercise is in the morning.


Probably immediately yu think “Exercise is exercise, whether at 06:00 or 18:00, and 300 calories are 300 calories whether burned in the morning or evening.” The truth is that the benefits of morning exercise far outweigh the calories burned. Physical activity in the morning gives you faster metabolism, better sleep and makes you feel happier and more energetic.

Yes, it is not easy to pull out of the bed, placing sports equipment and start running, walking or doing aerobic exercises, but here are a few reasons why you should set the alarm a little earlier than usual:

Morning workout is the best way to ensure that other commitments will not occupy the time devoted to strengthening the body, especially if you run a dynamic life. If you plan to exercise early in the day, then nothing can stand in the way. In fact, most people who exercise regularly tend to prefer morning workouts.

Rapid metabolism throughout the day

Do you often jump out of bed and as soon as possible go through the door? In such moments you may feel awake, but can the same be said for your metabolism?

Morning workouts will not only help you to instantly speed up the metabolism, but your body will continue to burn calories after the workout. Morning workout is a great way to force the body to burn more calories with the same effort that would invest at night.

You will feel more vigorously

While you should pull out of bed earlier to move the body, it will not reduce energy. On the contrary, physical activity in the morning improves mood and increases energy. While you exercise, you are supplying muscles, organs and other tissues in the body with oxygen and nutrients.

It improves the cardiovascular system and gives you an energetic start of the day.

Better quality sleep at night

Difficult to fall asleep at night? Chase away insomnia in the morning with regular exercise, about 4 times a week.

Physical exercise raises body temperature and keeps the brain active, so people who exercise in the evening have trouble sleeping. Necessary is approximately 3-4 hours after exercise for the body to cool down enough for falling asleep without problem.

Unlike the night exercise, morning training has a positive effect on the circadian rhythm of the body, which contributes to better sleep.
Better control of appetite and a healthier diet

Regular bite sweet pleasures because you can not control your appetite? Start to exercise in the morning and will probably change your nutrition.