If you want to eliminate stress, increase concentration and balance different emotions on a physical and mental level, then you will love knowing that today we want to share a fabulous method of India that allows you to achieve that by only doing some positions with your hands.

It consists of 8 positions that must be performed with the fingers of your hands, where each of these positions has a different function in our body, allowing to alleviate various ailments.

The gestures Mudra

If we consider the world in which we live today, it is not surprising that we suffer pains in our mind and body. In addition to painkillers, medicines and traditional medicine, people often practice yoga, acupuncture and meditation. They are useful methods, but there is another method that many people have not heard of.

The gestures with the hands of Mudra, is the method that comes from India and stimulates different parts of the mind and body and alleviates pains and pains. It has 8 hand gestures that are powerful if used regularly.

These are the gestures you should practice:


Try this gesture when you feel depressed. It is believed that it increases the element of air and eliminates laziness, increases creative thinking and increases enthusiasm.


Anxiety is increasingly present in our lives and we should find a way to eliminate it forever. It is believed that this gesture reduces anxiety and decreases the air element.


This gesture increases the space element. It helps relieve congestive problems, anger, sadness, and fear.


Reduce the spatial element and relieve ear pain.


If you have muscle pain and feel tired, this gesture can solve the problem. Increase the earth element and decrease the fire element.


Does the opposite things from the previous gesture. Reduce the earth element and increase the fire element. It is ideal for people with poor functioning of the thyroid gland.


This gesture reduces joint pain, cramps and arthritis. It is believed that the water element increases.


Reduces the elements of water and is ideal for those who suffer from a runny nose, watery eyes and excessive sweating.

You can do this where you want and you should definitely try it because you will earn so much.

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