Scarlet fever
Scarlet fever

Whenever we notice that out kids are sick, we are doing our best to find an efficient solution and restore their health. The same goes for the cases of Scarlet Fever. A sore throat, itching, and rashes are ringing the alarm.

The parents are showing more and more interest in finding an efficient cure for scarlet fever because this type of fever is spreading much faster in the last two years (there is a new mutated strain). The good news is that there is an efficient way to address the symptoms and eliminate the infection.

What causes scarlet fever?

The ordinary Streptococcus bacteria, the same type of bacteria that trigger strep throat, infects kids by discharging a toxin. Kids who are vulnerable to this kind of bacteria will develop Scarlet Fever.

So, they will notice the emergence of rash on their neck, face, chest and back. The part of the skin around their mouth will not be affected at all.

After about 6 days, the affected areas of skin will begin peelings off. In addition, there will be some other symptoms too.

Typical Scarlet Fever Symptoms

In most cases Scarlet Fever sufferers are witnessing:

– Sore throat
– Red rash
– Itchy skin
– Flushed face
– High fever (101 F or more)
– Swollen neck glands
– Abdominal pain

What to do in case of Scarlet Fever?

We should point out that scarlet fever is highly contagious, so you should prevent visits from siblings and friends to your kid’s room. Keep their cutlery they usually use and the toothbrushes separately in order to prevent the spread of this illness.

Additionally, your kid should stay at your home until he or she is cured.

The treatment includes antibiotics and usually lasts for ten days. It is possible to speed up the recovering process, but your kid should keep taking antibiotics as advised. Parents should wait for 24 hours after the symptoms are gone before their kids can go back to school.

It’s very important to fight off bacteria because in case some of them are left, the sufferer can experience kidney and heart issues and other problems.

Addressing Scarlet Fever Symptoms

Scarlet Fever brings extreme discomfort in children and that’s why you need to provide them relief right away. In order to do this, you can use some all-natural remedies before you opt for painkillers that can cause side effects:

Apple cider vinegar

This type of vinegar comes with many different health benefits. For instance, it can heal a sore throat. Just warm it up and mix it with cayenne pepper. Apple cider vinegar contains acetic acid which can also heal infections in burn sufferers.

Pour some apple cider vinegar on an ordinary cotton cloth and place the cloth to the rash caused by Scarlet Fever. Your kid will feel instant relief.

Other ingredients

Ingredients like raspberry leaves, raw honey and mind put in hot water and taken three times per day can also ease a sore throat.

Humidifiers/water vapor

This is a very efficient approach for those who want to keep their kid safe from the dry air which causes coughs and irritates the throat even more. By pouring some essential oils like lavender oil in these remedies you will also lower the inflammation in the throat.

Lavender oil

Lavender oil is one of the most useful oils. The linalool substance present in it can lower the symptoms of Scarlet Fever by providing moisture to the itchy and dry rash. In order to use lavender oil, simply add 2% of almond oil, olive oil or other carrier oil to heal the rash.

Other natural options

You should also clip your kid’s fingernails in order to prevent skin damages caused by itching. Prepare and make them eat teas, soups, and soft foods so they can heal faster.

Warm fluids like teas based on lemon and honey can ease the throat pain. We should also point out that hydration is very important for every individual. By drinking more water and fluids, you will help your kid eliminate scratchy and/or hoarse throat.

Finally, avoid irritants like cleaning products and cigarettes.

Final thoughts

There is no doubt that a situation like this can be very painful for both parents and kids.

If you are trying to fight the symptoms of Scarlet Fever in your kid, it is very important to follow the instructions of a healthcare professional, but you should also use natural remedies.