Whenever winter is coming to its end and we are witnessing the occurrence of sunnier and warmer days, most of us are interested in outdoor activities. Of course, there is more than one good reason why someone should go outside at this period of the year. However, this is also the period of the year when people must be careful because there are many ticks wandering around.

An encounter with these creatures can definitely cause a lot of problems.

In case you are a person that usually stays longer outside, you must learn more about how to keep yourself safe from ticks. Keep in mind that ticks are not an ordinary pest or nuisance that makes people feel unpleasant – they are carriers of different diseases and some of these diseases are quite dangerous and lethal too.


So, the next time you decide to stay outdoors for a longer time and enjoy nature, use this trick that can prevent ticks from latching on and creating problems.

Essential oil and lint roller

If you want to use this trick, you’ll need a simple lint roller as well as essential oil. This lint roller should have adhesive layers. So, just take the roller when you are planning on going outside in nature and roll it on the clothes every now and then. Check the layers from time to time and you’ll be shocked by the results.

Applying a small amount of essential oil can help you too. Simply, spray the essential oil directly onto the clothing and massage it into the skin and the ticks will find another victim.

It’s worth mentioning that some essential oils are great for repelling black flies and mosquitoes too. This is a natural alternative to commercial bug repellents because essential oils don’t contain potentially dangerous ingredients.

This is a list of five essential oils that can help you against ticks and other insects:

1. Pennyroyal oil – this plant is part of the mint family and its oil is highly toxic to bugs.

2. Lavender oil – lavender oil has a sweet scent, but it turns out that insects actually can’t stand it. It’s perfect against flies, mosquitoes, ticks and other bugs.

3. Lemongrass oil – lemongrass oil is extracted from lemongrass and comes with a very citrusy scent. This is a natural tick and flea repellent and it is safe to use it on the skin (topically).

4. Eucalyptus oil – you can use eucalyptus oil alone or in a combination with citronella oil to protect yourself from insects. A few studies have shown that this oil can help people avoid tick bites and the infections associated with their activity.

5. Lemon oil – this refreshing oil can protect you from fleas, ticks, and other insects. Mix it with water and spray it on the clothing. You can also spray it on your skin in small amounts.


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